Matt   Second Stool or table (to the left)
(Seated on bar stool or stool type seat)

Amp out    Vocal Mic
      Monitor                 Monitor

Technical Requirements:

For a concert, Matt usually brings his Reso-phonic national guitar and one Baritone Reso-phonic guitar ( both wood-bodied resophonic National guitars ) and his harmonicas (with harmonica rack).

Matt usually plays with one round base type mic stand with a gooseneck attachment set lower for the mic on the guitar.  One mic for vocals/harmonica and one for the guitar.  If one is not available Matt can use the boom type stands for performance.

-1 SM58 Shure (or better) vocal mic with boom stand (and Harmonica)

DI Box for guitar pickup (Reso-Phonic Hot Plate)

               -Stool or bar stool to sit on

            -Another bar stool, stool type, chair, or small table to the stage left to set harmonicas, rack and accessories
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